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Lorinda Bryan was born and raised in Maryland. As a young girl she was fascinated with drawing, painting and creating things. Lorinda attended the Rhode Island School of Design with the intention of studying painting. Discouraged by the lack of training for representational painting she switched her major to Illustration. This direction led her to a long and prolific career in the children's book field. Most recently Lorinda has turned her attention to painting once again. Her botanical watercolors show her keen eye for observing the beauty and details in nature. Workshops at the Grand Central Academy of Art in NYC taught her classical oil painting skills and to look at still life painting in a new light. Her love of beautiful objects, colors and textures inspired her to experiment with painting cosmetics and shoes in the Realist style. Instead of fruit and vessels these paintings are carefully composed arrangements of beauty products and accessories which imbue them with a feminine spirit.

Today Lorinda's still life subjects range from traditional arrangements to artfully assembled products from the modern day. Her paintings are rich in color and meticulous in detail and her compositions are traditional with a contemporary edge.